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Managing Your Brand


Our job is to help your business grow by getting your band in upto 100,000 homes in the Heartland. Your visual image in high quality gossy magazines thats holds your customers intrest each month.By putting your companies brand with major nationwide Ads such as Nike,TheWC,FOX,Ford,Lexus and more gives your brand a maximum level of attention and recognition  ,We also supply media interaction, digital marketing, and creative positioning with our digital version of One Heartland Magazine. Other aditional maketing consist of TV Streaming and Online Radio as well as LED digital trucks.More targeted: specific magazine titles appeal to specific target groups more so than a newspaper advert. Long Life: magazines have a longer “life” than newspapers, they sit about in doctor’s waiting rooms, magazine racks and with collectors. Pass-on readership – people may pass magazines on to their friends and family which will increase exposure of your advert Status – some magazine titles are well respected in their field, so an advertisement in these will increase your product/service’s prestige by association.

Creative Work


Your business is always looking for what is around the corner. And we believe that a creative approach to your marketing is the best way to show that. Our creative team can provide graphic design, animation, event strategy, and innovative web design. Let us come up with a dynamic and exciting way to tell your brand story.

Media Planning


From public relations work to media buys, we have you covered. Media relations is a huge part of your brand. Part of that comes from building public trust through events and social media. Another part comes from media buy-outs for big announcements. Our team can cover both of these approaches and help you reach your biggest audience to date.

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Jane Clark, Market Strategist


Jane is the founder of our team. She is our lead strategist and will be advising you on the most cost efficient ways to reach a wider audience. She began her career in media as an intern at the New York Times. She developed a passion for media during her job in advertising sales at a New York radio station with over 20 years of marketing from major brands from Lexus,Red Bull,Sony,JP Morgan,Nike and more.

John Kelly, Creative Director


John came to us from a marketing firm in New York, where he spent 16 years in management and design. He will be managing the creatives who will design your graphics, edit videos, and design/build your website. John believes that the story you tell visually is powerfully influential in shaping customer perspectives working with major brands for over 16 years including CBS,HBO,FOX, NBC,SHOWTIME and PPV.

Jillian Bates, Digital Specialist


Jillian came to us from a marketing team in the Silicon Valley. She will help your website rise to the top of the search engines results by optimizing it for Google's algorithms. She will increase your followers on social media with posts designed to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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